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The Software does not have annual deadlines. Once activated it will be yours. The Software after activation, will not EVER need an internet connection


Workspace: Replacing images tab heating

scheda allenamento


Remember that the software is available in three versions. between here and there is one free offer you will have some limitations, but the program is efficient as the other two versions


Workspace to create: Advanced Plicometry
Image of: Printing Plicometry Advanced


The Software is comprised of the program to create their own DIETS FOOD and with simple CLICK we create the card with all values: Kcal, Animal and Vegetable Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates and Saturated and where we shall decide which and how many are the percentages including the sATURATED and division protein Animals and Plants everything simply setting the screen below. It 'very intiuttiva and simple to use. For a diet over the accuracy, over any Vs. expectation.


Image of the workspace de Chart for the creation of the diets



You no longer have to go to comb through magazines, web or other to find the nutritional values but with its database that is provided on the inside of 927 foods (expanding) once you have chosen the food we will think the software to create the account assume that all final values over the day. you just have to prove that to properly render account of power. as well as the Project is Designed for our physical activity in the gym. Through this program we can follow our athletes globally, both from the accounting, both from the strictly athletic, thanks to a program for testing of body mass index (abbreviated BMI, body mass index from English) and a biometric expressed as the ratio between weight and height of the subject, FCM (max heart rate) determination of maximum heart rate (MHR), in sports, and extremely important because it allows you to perform a given work aimed at a specific target. And the examination of Plicometry according to the method (Jackson Pollock.) There are many ways to run a skinfold, but we wanted it to be only one way and that of JP 7 with the reference points for the program does not make too complicated and also dispersive by less experienced

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